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Why People Become Forex Trader$ Part 1:The Dolce Life

There are different reasons why individuals become Forex traders . Why they desire to practice the sacred art of Forex Trading . Though some people enter this esoteric world of high finance by pure chance, and with little effort, they are anomalies. In the vast majority of cases deep-seated motivations propel the uninitiated to persevere until the gates of entry to that prestigious world open before them.

photoMost of those motivating factors  can be grouped into a handful of categories or reasons (see diagram for examples). It also explains why so many traders agree to work unusually long hours, to put up with abnormally high levels of stress and  sacrifice personal and leisure time. Take a look at the faces of people who have been in the business for several years (especially those traveling across the world waking up to a different view each morning). Many wear their sacrifice on their face, though few of them – sadly – realize this life.  So why So why do so many people accept these realities, amongst other things, like the premature ageing that comes with the territory? Different reasons.  Here is the first one…

The Lifestyle: La Dolce vita

From fine restaurants (Maybe across the world) serving mouth-watering Wagyu Beef Steak with summer vegetable ragout and some fine french wine to exotic luxury hotels nestled on hilltops on remote exotic islands, the list of things and activities enjoyed by successful traders can be out of reach to some people in relatively lower-paying industries. Whether the trader truly appreciates the $200 three course meal or the  $275 bottle of cabernet sauvignon wine or just rather enjoy the status associated with eating there when the restaurant next door offers more delectable food at a third the price, does not matter.

Hotel Fuerte Conil, Conil de la Frontera

It’s the lifestyle that the opportunity gives, that some gravitate towards. Some chaps and chapettes want the opportunity to hang out with a Brooks Brothers posse. Makes them feel special and as an opportunist. ( You become  who you surround yourself with)

For others the right lifestyle includes being able to  do the most for their families and send their kids to a proper school which will prep them for entry into they top universities around the world..not jus their state, province or town.

Many like doing the specific type of routine  that allows such as attending niche art exhibits where you’re called by name and  served champagne, engage in frivilous  small talk and pretend that you’ve done the rounds in art circuits since birth.( Not my cup of tea really) Let’s not forget the toys and amenities that it supplies. But most importantly, we do this to live the life that we have always imagined and deserve!

As  for me well..It evolves daily. My goal objective was clear from the first day, be a sponge and learn as much as I could; work with the most talented and very intelligent individuals; gain the relevant skills; make the right contacts;  establish the right strategies  and work on becoming the best; and when the time was right jump with a leap of faith and do my own thing to be able to help the other who are also yearning for the same. 

Till the next time….Trade with us and lets dance the Green Back Boogie together. Share your thoughts.


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